The 3rd International
Water Safety Symposium

IWSS 2014


2014 The 1st International Water Safety Symposium

In June 2014, the first International Water Safety Symposium (IWSS) was hosted by Lifesaving Society Korea with the endeavor to promote drowning prevention and water safety.

The 1st IWSS was organized as joint event with the 3rd International Rip Current Symposium, which has the same goal to improve safety around the coastal environment.

The first event was sponsored by Korea Metrological Administration (KMA) and Aquatic Safety Equipment & Services (ASES) broug 130 participants from 12 different nations.

Keynote speakers Professor Dong-Young Lee from Ocean University of China, Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman from Florida International University, Dr. John R. Fletemeyer from Florida International University, Dr. Bruno Castelle from Bordeaux University, Professor Daniel T. Cox from University of Delaware, and Dr. Amit Lotan from Nidaria shared their studies and findings about the water safety and drowning prevention.

As achievement, all full paper was published as special issue of JCR (Journal of Coastal Research) which is one of prestigious journals about coastal.

The first symposium was a stepping stone to draw the attention from researchers, experts and stakeholders in water safety to solve the global issue of preventative accidents around the aquatic environment.

The IWSS will continue the effort to bring all people together to create safer environment to save lives.


The online publish for Journal of Coastal Research Special Issue #72.