The 3rd International
Water Safety Symposium



01. Engineering and Scientific Approach

Coastal Engineering for Water Safety

Coastal Management; Beach Erosion; Estuary; Nearshore Current; Coastal Underground Water; Coastal Structure etc.

Water Contamination in Waterfront and Beach

Evaluation Human Health by Pollutants released into the Environment; Marine Dispersion Modeling with Atmosphere, Oceanic Circulation, Oil Spill, Pollutants, and Radionuclide; Environmental Radiation; Marine Litter etc.

Geo-Spatial Application in Coastal Environment

Coastal Land Use; Coastal Zoning and Change Detection; Hydrographic & Oceanographic Surveying; Coastal hazard & Safety; Coastal Navigation; Geo-Spatial Information Acquisition in Coastal & Ocean; Marine Traffic Management etc.

02. Water Safety Education

Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Training

Lifeguard Training Program; Examination Standard and Guideline; Lifeguard and Physical Fitness; Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Training Logics; Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Equipment etc.

Drowning Prevention Education and Public Awareness

Social Phenomena and Statistical Analysis of Water Safety and Drowning; Drowning Prevention Education (Swim to Survive); National Programs for Water Safety and Drowning; Beach Safety Education etc.

Swim Lesson and Education

Teaching and Coaching Skills in Swimming; Scientific Analysis of Swimming; Teaching Swimming in Different Age Categories; Pool Operation; Swim Schools etc.

First Aid and Emergency Response

CPR Updates; CPR and First Aid Training; Injuries around Aquatic Environment; Jellyfish and Other Stinging Marine Life etc.

03. Coastal Management & Social Approach

Tourism and Water Safety

Tourism for Coastal Trails, Beaches and Marinas; Visitor Monitoring; Water Sports; Water Safety; Social and Environmental Impacts of Tourism etc.

Coastal Disaster and Erosion Management

Disaster Prevention and Hazard Management; Legal System and Policy Instruments; Socio-Economic Effect of Management etc

Coastal Planning for Safety and Sustainability

Eco-system Based Management; Marine Spatial Planning; Implementing Ocean Zoning; Information System and Decision Making Process etc.

Maritime Safety Policy and Industry

Maritime Safety Laws and Systems;Management of Air Pollutants from Ships; Ballast Water Treatment; Marine Traffic Management etc.

※ The Extended Versions of the Papers in Engineering and Scientific Approach Session will be Promoted for
    Publication in Journal of Coastal Research

04. Special Programme

Sustainability Training and Audit Sessions of Green Destinations

Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Green Destinations Standard; Sustainable Destinations Top 100; How to become qualified as Destination Coordinator, Advisor or Auditor.